1. 1Courier reserves the right to decline an order at our discretion, and to discontinue access to our services at any time without notice.
  2. Car's maximum weight is up to 150 pounds and the maximum dimensions in inches are 21L x 21w X 16H. Mini Van's maximum weight is up to 350 pounds and the maximum dimensions in inches are 80L x 36W x 36H. Cargo Van's maximum weight is up to 1000 pounds and the maximum dimensions in inches are 100L x 50W x 45H inches. 1Courier will decline to deliver any orders that do not comply with these specifications. Furthermore, all delivery orders must be legal products, not in contradiction to any local, state, provincial, federal or international laws. 1Courier will not deliver any packages deemed illegal, and maintains the right to contact the proper authorities. Other non-deliverable products include dangerous goods or hazardous materials, firearms, live animals.
  3. To create a valid delivery order, client must be 18 years of age or older and must follow the guidelines outlined on the 1Courier website, or in some instances make other arrangements agreed upon by 1Courier prior to delivery being made.
  4. No shipment should be made without prior confirmation by 1Courier either by notification in the order form, or by recognized means of confirmation by a 1Courier personnel that is agreed upon by both parties. 1Courier is not liable, financially or otherwise, for delivery without confirmation of order.
  5. 1Courier does not provide protection for the transportation of products that require protection from the heat or cold. Items that require such protection will be transported at the shipper’s risk of damage by exposure to heat or cold conditions.
  6. It is up to the client or agent responsible for shipping product to ensure that the product is properly packaged. 1Courier does not accept responsibility for any products damaged due to poor packaging by client or shipper. Furthermore, 1Courier reserves the right to refuse products they consider improperly packaged without liability to deliver package on time. Refunds will not be issued for improperly packaged products.
  7. 1Courier reserves the right to inspect any package we are solicited to deliver if we deem the package may be in opposition to stated terms and conditions. Inspection includes opening packages to verify contents are as the client stated when processing order.
  8. 1Courier reserves the right to cancel an order at any time. If 1Courier takes the initiative to cancel an already placed order, then 1Courier will refund funds to the client that placed the order.
  9. If client cancels order after 1Courier has already made arrangements to dispatch driver or while driver is in the process of delivery, then client is still responsible for the payment of order processed. Client will then have to place another order for delivery and again pay for specified order, even if order is for delivery of the same item.
  10. In cases of multiple piece shipments, all items will be billed as one shipment. Items will be specified and visible on your order form and available for viewing on your history dashboard in the 1Courier app.
  11. 1Courier drivers will not wait more than 10 minutes upon reaching pickup or delivery destinations unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties prior to driver being sent out. 1Courier will attempt to contact client or delivery location by phone. If no contact is made, additional charges will be added to initial order cost.
  12. Insurance option is available to clients for all deliveries. Contact your sales account manager for further details.
  13. Clients must give accurate delivery data in order for 1Courier to properly perform their delivery service. Client is liable for any inaccurate information and will be charged for any additional costs incurred by 1Courier for inaccurate information.
  14. I such cases when 1Courier is asked to redirect the delivery, they will do so at their own discretion for an additional cost. 1Courier reserves the right to decline any request to redirect to any address not given prior to driver being dispatched.
  15. If 1Courier is unable to deliver a shipment, 1Courier will contact the client to notify them of circumstance surrounding failed delivery attempt. 1Courier will attempt to deliver the package again for a fee if client was party responsible for failed delivery attempt. If 1Courier failed in its duties to deliver the package and the circumstances surrounding this failed attempt was not sufficient or critical as agreed by both parties, then 1Courier will attempt to deliver package at no cost.
  16. To ensure the safety and reliability of 1Courier, our clients, and our community drivers, 1Courier will send by email the name and photograph of the selected driver making the delivery.
  17. 1Courier is under no obligation to provide additional manpower separate from the assigned driver to load or carry item. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that all measures are taken and all resources made available for the loading of the package or item.
  18. 1Courier does not offer general refunds for failure of delivery. Refunds are assessed on a case by case basis and are dependent on several factors that may include (but not limited to) order processing, client not being available when driver arrives at pickup destination, natural disasters or other inclement weather, along with other circumstances already outlined in these terms and conditions.
  19. Method of payment must be agreed upon prior to any driver being dispatched. Any method of payment other than invoice or through online system must be agreed upon by 1Courier and client prior to driver being dispatched.
  20. 1Courier guarantees on time shipment of an item, unless circumstances outside of the control of 1Courier interrupts such delivery. In such cases where 1Courier fails to meet delivery standards, being on time with item in sound condition, then a credit will be applied to client’s next order. All conditions as outlined in these terms must be followed by client for any claim of failure to be on time is made.
  21. It is up to the customer to retain a copy, image, or scan of any important documents being delivered by 1Courier. Liability for each package is limited to $100. Claim forms are available when completing delivery order with 1Courier.