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1Courier Internet Privacy Policy

1Courier acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of our users. Any information collected is used to improve the services that 1Courier offers, and to continually improve communication and efficiency with 1Courier, our drivers and our clients.

In all instances, tracking packages related to your account can only be accessed through your account and is not shared to any third party unless you willingly share that information yourself. Any visitors to may be able to access general information about the company, its policies and procedures, and how to best serve you as either a client or a driver. Any details pertaining to specific existing accounts is not privy to the public through the 1Courier website or any other system except by such user that already has an existing account. A 1Courier account provides clients with information on tracking package, submitting orders, and viewing order history.

If you are the recipient of a package, we have obtained your name and shipping information from a client. Your IP address is collected whenever you visit, which is considered non-identifiable information.

1Courier TERMS and CONDITIONS will further explain and guide you through any liabilities relating to deliveries of packages and responsibilities of 1Courier, its drivers and clients.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

The only non-personal information that 1Courier captures from visitors to our website is time and date of visit, IP address, geographical location, and type of internet browser. This information is used only to improve the services offered by 1Courier and is not shared or sold to any third party. A visitors email address is not captured by 1Courier.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information on the 1Courier website is collected at our request only to assess drivers, or for clients to create an account, or for purposes of receiving newsletters and updates from 1Courier. This personal information is backed up using our 256 bit SSL encryption model. It is possible that 1Courier may request personal information for other services without given notice. Any information collected is simply to provide the necessary services offered by 1Courier, or to provide clients or the general user with information about 1Courier. 1Courier does not share or sell personal information to third parties.

Third Party Products and Services?

It is possible that may consist of products and services offered by third parties. When you click on one of these third party services, the only information that carries to the third party is the fact that you came from the 1Courier website. The third party is responsible for monitoring its own information and 1Courier exempts itself from any liability concerning content, policies, and privacy once you leave the 1Courier website.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a series of data characters that will allow the website to recognize you as a unique individual. 1Courier uses cookies to help acknowledge you as a new user, or remember your preferences if you are a return user. Cookies allow 1Courier to associate clients with their information profiles. Cookies can be removed from your hard drive. Check your browser provider for information on how this is possible.

Will 1Courier Ever Share Personal Information?

1Courier will only share personal or non-personal information in the instance of a subpoena, court order, or other legal instances where 1Courier is required by law. We also reserve the right to share personal or non-personal information in cases where 1Courier suspects illegal activity or behaviour is being carried out through its system or services. We reserve this right without giving notification to client or user.

Changes to Privacy Policy

If 1Courier changes it Privacy Policy, it will notify users by posting a link on the homepage. The link will also detail the date that changes will take place.